One week to go…

It’s now Monday, I have until next Monday before I start my ‘Let’s get healthy for 2016’ challenge. I have already decided not to start the challenge on New Years Day because we tend to have a big unhealthy dinner with champagne/wine etc to celebrate (that wouldn’t be a good start).

I haven’t fully decided what I am going to do to get in shape, I’m certainly not going to be undertaking any crash diets, those have been my downfall in previous years such as the juicing diet, where you only drink juice for 7 days, these just aren’t sustainable.

I was contemplating the cabbage soup diet (yes their is such) but this just looks too disgusting, here is some I cooked off and froze earlier:

What I will probably do is just eat normal meals but maybe skip lunch and have a fresh juice (made from real fruit/veg) and cut down on the crisps on an evening, plus not eat anything after 7pm. I will also cut down on the beer and just drink the odd glass of wine instead (can’t cut out alcohol completely). I’m also thinking about joining a gym, I have a gym nearby that don’t tie you into a contract so you can cancel anytime, I might join that and if it doesn’t work out I can cancel.

That’s where I’m at for next year, in the mean time I have lots of beer and chocolate that’s been bought for Christmas, I need to consume all this before next week comes 🙂

In the next few days I will post my New Years Resolutions for next year.

New Year New Blog

OK, we’ve all been here before numerous times I should imagine!! Me especially! What I mean is picking New Years resolutions and starting blogs about them, mine usually last around 5/6 days before I get board so we’ll see if this one is any different.

Let me add that I’m not a particularly good writer so this probably won’t make much sense with dodgy grammar thrown in at each and every opportunity but probably not in the correct places.

Better first off start with a brief introduction and what I hope to achieve with this blog… My name is Paul I’m a radio amateur, last week got the intermediate call sign 2E0WFD, and am about to embark on the advanced course in January, I also enjoy building simple electronics kits (when I say simple, I mean simple) I will use this blog to update what I’ve been doing amateur radio wise.

The other and main reason for starting this blog is that I’ve gone from a physically demanding job to a desk job (I’ve literally just been sat at a desk for the past 4 years) and this has caused my weight to go through the roof and also my health isn’t as good as it once was (my asthma is worse than ever). So once was a sprightly 10 stone, am now 14 stone, I intend to use this blog to help me achieve some of my goals. 

So, come 2nd January I’ll be eating healthy and not drinking as much alcohol (notice I said not drink as much, I’m still going to have the odd drink ha) I might join a gym, and I’ll try and get a faster paced more physically demanding job.

I’ve got a lot on next year…